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"EASTER": religious festivity. In Cusco this celebration has its own particularity, observing the pilgrimage church of many local, national and foreign. On Monday Santo has great significance for the procession of "Taytacha" or so-called Lord of the Earthquakes.
"QOYLLOR RIT'I" religious festivity translated as the feast of the Lord of the Ice. Appreciating pre-Hispanic rituals merged with the Christians, in a celebration that lasts for three days. The place where this is done fetividad called Sinaqara in the district of Ocongate province Quispicanchis to 4800 meters above sea level, reaching minimum temperatures of -4 ° C. It is characterized by a massive pilgrimage that brings together more than 20 000 faithful, with a hike of 8 Km. Comparsas Attendance or dance groups to the region and other regions. The return is another hike farther away, but there are rites and worship at Apu Ausangate and the lord of Qoyllur Ritt'i. At this festival is considered the most important of America.
"CORPUS CRISTI" religious festivity held in the main square of Cusco. 14 images participating in a procession from the 14 churches or parishes of Cuzco. The start is preceded by a tour of a huge coach totality of its coated in silver, by their very nature, in essence recalls Andean rituals and Catholics, in the conduct of the festival is appreciated waste and pomposity, and in doing jewelry bearing the images. The culinary specialty of the festival is "Chiriuchu" (cold meal).
"INTI RAYMI ': Drama of an ancestral ritual that expresses the harmonious relationship between man and cosmic events, in this case the sun with the sun, the highest deity of the Incas. It is done in the winter solstice and starts in the Qoricancha, continues in the Plaza de Armas and most runs in the forecourt of Saqsayhuaman, where he runs a call to sacrifice either white or black, as an offering to God Sun. It is also the day of the festival of Cusco, so it becomes the most important day of the year, precisely because of the confluence of these events and so mean and represent.

"MADONNA DEL CARMEN": Known as the feast of "Mamacha Carmen." Religious holiday fairly entrenched, with waste of joy and splendor within the province of Paucartambo. It is very important to visit the balcony of natural Tres Cruces, where you can see the sunrise, the output of the Sun fantastic, unique and singular in the country.
"CORPUS DE SANTIAGO ': religious festivity in celebration of Mass, presentations of dances and celebrations. The typical dish of the festival is "Chiriuchu." Held at the plaza of the same name
"CORPUS DE SANTIAGO ': religious festivity in celebration of Mass, presentations of dances and celebrations. The typical dish of the festival is "Chiriuchu." Held at the plaza of the same name.

"CORPUS OF SANTA ANA: religious festivity held in the parish of Santa Ana, with the holding of the run, Mass. festive, procession, presentations of dances, band musicians and also the typical dish is" Chiriuchu. "
"Offering to the earth": The rituals performed throughout the Andean region where they make offerings that are known as "payment", offering to Mother Earth, in a gesture of retribution and reverence for the crops and the food that provides for the people and animals.
"CORPUS OF SAN CRISTOBAL" Festividad religious held in the parish of San Cristobal. The presentation of dance is accompanied by "qaperos" who are accompanying musicians, the cuisine is varied, with the meat of the special holiday on the "Chiriuchu." The festivities are made with the realization of previous day procession, this saint is patron of the transporter. The celebrations are held in the plaza of the same name.
"CORPUS OF ALMUDENA" religious festivity held in the parish church or of Almudena, with a procession and presentation of dances themselves from Cusco and the area of the plateau. The "Chiriuchu" is also the main dish.
"CORPUS OF SAN JERONIMO" religious festivity held in the district of San Jeronimo. The programming consists of religious, Mass. festive, procession, presentation of various dances. This saint is the patron saint of lawyers and tourist guides.
"TOURIST MONTH": Events of tourism with special programming that includes cultural activities, tourism and sports. Involving the public and private sector.
"ALL SAINTS ': religious festivity celebrated throughout the region, is prepared for this occasion, the" Piglet ", a snack pork, and the" tamales "that are a kind of corn-fritters. It's a fairly traditional festival where baptisms are performed at the wrists of bread.
"Santuranticuy": Event to be held since the arrival of the Spaniards to the city of Cusco, is an occasion in which images are acquired clay worked, for "arming" of Christmas births in each household. He is currently the most popular art exhibition of old, large and high quality of Peru, brings together exponents of the craft in different genres, such as jewelry, embroidery, basket weaving, carving, Korean plastia, cerería, toys, among others. Since the ancient times, is done at the perimeter of the Main square of  Cusco

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